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Newspaper collage art by Keiko Suzuki Bless Hue

Hand-Torn Newspaper Collage Art

Each color piece of newspapers is hand-torn in shape, pasted, and scratched to add more details. 

It is earth-friendly, as I transform discarded papers into delightful artwork. 

This collage style is what I originally started in 2012.

Available in Prints and  Originals.

Paper Collage Art by Keiko Suzuki Bless Hue

Mixed Paper Collage Art

Construction papers and tissue papers are the main "paint" in this art. Sometimes other papers are incorporated for even more fun touch (e.g. Newspaper articles, shredded US currencies so far).

The papers are cut or torn in shape and pasted. 

More colorful and bigger size than Hand-Torn Newspaper Collage Art. 

New style of collage I started for more varieties from 2017. Prints and Originals will be available soon!