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Bio bless-hue keiko-suzuki

Keiko Suzuki was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and currently resides in Seattle, WA. After living in America and Australia and travelling to parts of Asia and South America, Keiko was inspired to pursue art. So, in 2011, after enduring the mental grind of nine years in the corporate world, she was ready to pursue her career as a full-time artist.

Since early childhood, Keiko has had a keen interest in paper art: both origami and drawing. Later, her drawing ability was showcased in her Junior High School’s class yearbook, where Keiko’s talent produced humorous portraits of classmates that accompanied each person’s message. Her work, which testified to her burgeoning creativity and artistic skill, was well appreciated by her schoolmates. Fast forward more than fifteen years, and Keiko would put her talent to use by decorating the menu board at her mother’s curry diner in Tokyo.

Having grown up in a society which viewed frugality as a virtue, Keiko was naturally drawn to find ways of reusing discarded items. The idea to reuse paper came while perusing a website one day. Looking for inspiration and direction, Keiko came upon a lovely book by Masako Ogawa that sought to entertain children and give hope to the physically challenged. The book, with its soft and warm impressions, simple technique, and eco-friendly approach, fascinated Keiko.  She decided to elevate the simple form of art which she found to the level of fine art.

So, in July 2012, Keiko founded Bless Hue to introduce her beautiful, sustainable artwork into the current earth conscious society. Through each artistic image she creates, Keiko receives an incredible joy from knowing that she has made something beautiful from reusing and, in doing so, shared her vision of joy with other people.   

Currently, Keiko’s art is sold on,, ArtfullyWalls, and on her own website,