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Media Story Ideas

Keiko Suzuki is a renowned and seasoned artist from Japan, currently residing in Seattle. She creates and design unique hand-torn newspaper collages. Keiko Suzuki utilizes an awesome concept that gives a special and unique textural look to the nature and animal subjects she portray. Her artistic work is earth-friendly, as she turns wasted newspapers into beautiful art piece.

Keiko Suzuki is quite enthusiastic about the beauty of nature that enhances lifestyles. Her artwork brings natural beauty inside to brighten your home.


Lively Animal Portrait

Keiko Suzuki generously expresses her arts of portraying love for animals, and vividly represents animals’ features. Her production process begins from an in-depth sketching and later becomes template. This template together with selected color pieces of newspaper are the major key to the detailed artworks.

Whimsical Art for Children and Adults

Most of the arts collections made by Keiko Suzuki are created to be enjoyed among people of all ages. Each artwork has a subtle whimsical touch with a subject. The idea is the selection of color as well as the application of newspaper texts. For example a bee picture, its body is made from plain colors and the wings are made using a text piece. In this manner, it can be appreciated from baby’s rooms to living rooms.

Arts Inspired by World Travelling with Japanese Touch

Keiko Suzuki’s adventures to the world began when she spent a year in Australia in her early 20s. The experience she had was an eye opening event for her to learn about different cultures as well as the wonderful thing about nature around the world. Since then she enjoys visiting different countries with her husband who she met while she lived in the United States, and continues developing the core of her artworks mixed with her creative Japanese touch while appreciating the world’s beauties.


Keiko Suzuki’s prints come with Certificate of Authenticity that shares the story of her work and is suitable for sharing.